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CCTV installations serve as a robust security measure for both residential and commercial settings. Not only do they deter potential break-ins and vehicle theft, but the recorded video can also be invaluable evidence for prosecution. Additionally, CCTV enhances the safety of workplace staff and care home residents.

CCTV Camera Systems

At 1066 Fire and Security, we can offer two types of CCTV camera system.

Analogue Systems

Analogue CCTV systems are a budget-friendly choice, using traditional coaxial cables to link each camera directly to the recorder. While they may lack some of the advanced features of digital systems, they provide a reliable and straightforward solution for basic surveillance requirements in both residential and commercial settings.

IP (Internet Protocol) Systems

IP systems are increasingly the go-to choice in the industry, connecting cameras and recorders to home or office networks. Offering superior image quality compared to analogue systems, IP cameras range from 1MP to 8MP (4K), delivering high-definition footage for enhanced security.

Auto tracking

and PTZ

1066 have installed several auto tracking pan tilt zoom cameras to commercial premises. The cameras detect motion and follow the subject as it moves around. Furthermore they will automatically zoom in and focus onto the subject. These cameras are ideal for covering large areas with a single camera. What’s more, they are an excellent deterrent as they will follow the intruder as they move giving clear indication that they have been detected.

Remote Viewing

Both Analogue and IP systems can be set up to remotely view and playback recorded footage. This can be set up on PC’s, tablets and smart phones so that you can check in where ever in the world you are.