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Intruder Alarm Solutions

At 1066 Fire & Security we are confident that we have the solutions to meet your requirements.

Texecom is Europe’s largest independent security alarm specialist providing bespoke design solutions that protect people and property throughout the world. This is why we have chosen this system as our preferred product for installations. The Texecom range offers extensive options for different requirements.

Starting with the Veritas system, this is ideal for hard wired residential installations with up to 8 zones.

For larger installation there is the premier elite range. This range is expandable up to 640 zones with various options for communication to monitoring centres or speech diallers and remote engineer access.

Texecom premier elite wireless system uses Ricochet wireless technology. Ricochet enabled wireless devices receive and repeat wireless transmissions from other devices. The size, scalability and range of the entire system are extended as wireless signalling is no longer limited by point-to-point communications. The range of a Ricochet enabled wireless system is greater than previous systems, with multiple devices capable of relaying messages to and from even the most remote locations in a building.

Although Texecom is the preferred choice, we can however install any other system if the customer requires.

Wireless Systems

Wireless systems are quick to install without the need for drilling through walls and concealing cables. They are robust and reliable and are perfectly suited to domestic premises and small businesses. Installs start from around £600, with options for monitoring they are highly adaptable.

Mobile Control

Mobile phone control is made possible with Texecom keypad App. By connecting the alarm control panel to the network router, this allows remote arming and dis-arming of the system. This can be an ideal solution to resetting after false alarms when you are away.


We offer servicing and repairs for all kinds of intruder alarms, ensuring your system functions optimally. All our servicing activities come with certification, adhering to the standards set by EN50131 & PD6662:2010, for your peace of mind and compliance.

LED Back Lit Sirens

Introducing the all new LED back lit intruder alarm siren. There will be no missing the fact that your premises are protected with one of our high illumination, low energy alarm sirens. These are offered at no extra cost to the customer for newly installed systems and business premisses. We can of course offer a more discrete traditional siren if you prefer.

All wireless alarm systems are expandable allowing each system to be tailored to your requirements. In addition to the prices stated above, we can also offer: